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Earn a master’s degree from Steven Institute of Technology to gain a technical advantage in your career. Our 100% online programs are backed by the StevensOnline Advantage and offer you direct connections to our distinguished faculty and robust alumni network.

Compare our online programs below to determine which is the best fit based on your background and career aspirations.

Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

Analytics Master of Business Administration (AMBA)

Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics (MSBI&A)

Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (M.Eng.EM)

Program Start

Spring, Summer, Fall

Spring, Summer, Fall

Spring, Summer, Fall

Spring, Summer, Fall

Spring, Summer, Fall







Program Length**

1.5 years

1.5 years

2.5 years

2 years

1.5 years

Credit Hours






Key Learning Objectives

You will develop skills to be a data scientist and learn to glean insights and make data driven decisions.

You will develop skills to be a software development leader and high-quality coder.

You will develop business acumen and the ability to interpret data to identify trends and make strategic recommendations.

You will develop a robust knowledge of leading data science techniques and how to apply it to addressing business problems with actionable solution strategies.

You will develop a strong understanding of engineering project technologies and the management process through which technology is applied.

Prospective Occupations for Graduates***

Data Scientist, Information Security Analyst, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst

Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Web Developer

Financial Manager, Market Research Analyst, Operational Manager, Management Analyst, Marketing Manager

Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Data Scientist

Industrial Engineer, Industrial Production Manager, Architectural Manager, Computer and Information Systems Manager

*Tuition estimates based on Fall 2022 tuition rate of $1,776 per credit hour beginning September 2022. Tuition is subject to change each academic year.
**Program length reflects the average time to completion. Total program duration is subject to change based on course availability.
***Source: Emsi Labor Market Data, 2021

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Phone: MSDS/MSCS: (551) 277-2702 | AMBA/MSBI&A: (551) 235-9020 | M.Eng.EM: (551) 222-0379