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An Exploration of MBA Career Paths and New Pursuits

October 30, 2023

As many inspirational coffee mugs say, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” No matter what we’re working towards in life, it’s a nice reminder that we are free to change our priorities as we grow. As we gain workplace experience and our long-term professional goals take focus, being a career-switcher often makes perfect sense.

That said, entering new fields can require work to acquire the skills required for the position. One way to explore new pursuits and change career paths is to earn your MBA degree. The strength of this advanced degree, in particular, is that it’s flexible and widely applicable.

Earning an MBA: A Key to Transforming Career Paths

Obtaining your master’s can often be the linchpin in successfully changing career paths. Having a master of business administration on your resume signals to recruiters that you are dedicated, educated and ambitious. On top of that, the process of attending business school is excellent training that prepares you to make the jump.

When switching careers, it is important to do the upfront work to build the skill set for the role you desire. On-the-job training is rare, so having the necessary abilities ahead of time gives you an advantage. Earning an MBA is one way to build the leadership skills needed for career paths focused on management positions.

One benefit of the coursework in an MBA program is that it builds and strengthens the knowledge you already have. At the same time, getting expert instruction in unfamiliar areas ensures you are well rounded. This also helps shore up any information gaps you may have. The more holistic you can make your skillset the easier it is to switch into new roles.

MBA at Stevens to Accelerate Your New Career Paths

A master’s also builds upon your expertise. This is incredibly helpful, especially if you know what field you’d like to enter. Stevens Institute of Technology offers eight concentrations within the MBA program to further explore career paths of specialty. Currently finance, financial analytics, financial engineering, information systems, network & communication management & services, project management, sustainability management, business intelligence & analytics are all offered.

We also know that desiring a career change doesn’t necessarily mean you know where you’d like to head next. A master’s program is designed to expose you to many different topics. This exploration in an MBA program can be critical in plotting the professional trajectory in your chosen career path.

That is why the MBA program at Stevens addresses all aspects of business. Coursework explores integral aspects of leadership and how organizations run. Other courses focus on management and the art of utilizing human capital. 

Leadership and management classes are further supplemented with courses to develop analytical, mathematical, emotional and creative skills. This wide-reaching approach serves as a great way to explore what best aligns with your interests and skills.

The Power of Networking in MBA Career Paths

Another often overlooked aspect of an MBA program is how it benefits your professional network. Especially when looking to change careers or industries, the more people you know the easier it can be. Earning your advanced degree introduces you to professionals from all walks of life.

Your professors aren’t just instructors, they are experienced professionals with deep roots in the industry. Your classmates also become part of your network as you get to know each other during your classes. In earning your MBA degree at Stevens, you also gain exposure to different industries during the two immersions in and around New York City, helping you excel in your chosen career path.

Fortunately an MBA is a flexible degree that prepares you to enter many different fields including fintech, healthcare, government, marketing and more. As you grow your network, career opportunities in venture capital, private equity, human resources, sales management, supply chain management, business operations and more become available.

Another benefit of advanced degrees is that you don’t have to leave your company while pursuing higher education. In fact, many companies even offer assistance for those looking to get their MBA.

MBA Career Paths: Entrepreneurship or Advancement at Current Organization

Earning a master’s like an MBA can give you the necessary leverage to move into a new opportunity or career path (with the possibility of a higher salary) at your current employer. In regards to this, Stevens has also gone to great lengths to ensure our program is flexible so you don’t have to make the choice between an advanced degree and employment.


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On the other side of that coin, an MBA can give you the skills to become your own boss. Entrepreneurship is also one of the common career paths for MBA graduates, providing you control over what you do next and how it takes shape. This degree also helps in joining startups as they look to bring on talent rich candidates.

The MBA program at Stevens was designed to help graduates realize their ambitions. We’re proud to say 100% of MBA graduates in the Class of 2022 accepted job offers within three months of graduating (based on data from 82% of the 2021-2022 full-time program graduates). Simply put, it is proven to be effective in helping people reach their next professional steps.

To dig into that further, Stevens is ranked 13th among the top private schools for best career placement by The Princeton Review (2022). We understand what happens after graduation is one of the most important parts of earning an advanced degree.
Looking to switch careers is a normal part of the professional experience. As we gain exposure to different working environments and refine our passions, we can pursue opportunities that are both professionally and personally rewarding. An MBA can help greatly in these instances as it’s a flexible degree that still offers concentrations to best serve your ambitions in a variety of career paths. When you’re ready to take that first step, we’ll be here to help you begin your higher education journey.