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The True Benefits for Online MBA Graduates

August 1, 2023

A Master’s in Business Administration is an impressive achievement on anyone’s resume—and the strength of that advanced degree, even though it is earned online, depends on the institution. But when done right, it’s an invaluable asset for online MBA graduates as they search for jobs.

The Powerful Combination of Online MBA Coursework & Networking

At Stevens Institute of Technology, the coursework taught by industry-leading faculty is the cornerstone of our program. We combine this with our immersion program to provide experiential learning opportunities in New York City where students connect with industry leaders. In addition to networking with fellow students and professors, our online MBA graduates have access to alumni that work at companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Merck, Deloitte Consulting and SAP Labs, LLC.

Unlocking Skills that Transform Your Growth

One of the other most powerful aspects of an MBA are the skills learned as part of the program. It’s often said “it’s a journey, not a destination.” When it comes to advanced degrees, that’s absolutely true. Our coursework teaches, develops and sharpens skills that elevate your  resume—and these problem solving benefits manifest on day one of class.

The implications for online MBA graduates are truly exciting. While many people think an MBA is for people in the C-Suite, its applications are much broader and far reaching. The skills learned along the way have a professional, transformative impact for any career, not just those looking to run a large corporation.

So, for whom is an online MBA?

It’s for people looking to shake up their status quo by growing their set of skills and expertise. Everyone’s career benefits when they strive to be effective leaders and critical thinkers. For some, the goal is to advance their current career. For others it may be changing fields or professions. What they all have in common is the desire to accelerate their career growth through education.

Equipping Online MBA Graduates for Excellence

Our MBA program equips students with real life skills that allow them to thrive, no matter their position or field. Our program fosters and grows a balance of analytical, creative and emotional intelligence that are universally applicable. We want every online MBA graduate to walk away with a managerial toolkit that serves them in their future endeavors, applicable to all sectors.

At Stevens, our holistic approach to leadership delves into four key pillars of management:

  • Data literacy and analytics expertise allow you to confidently make fast, data-driven decisions. 
  • Creative skill-building opportunities help train you to better see, pursue and implement innovative solutions. 
  • Marketing, strategic and operations management skills give you the ability to manage operations that are central to every business. 
  • Leadership development is an important skill that allows you to better manage resources, inspire project teams, elevate communication skills and foster growth.

When it comes to developing the professional skills that are critical for leadership roles, Stevens has eight MBA concentrations so you can further refine your education to match your ambitions. These specializations can be integral differentiators when looking to accelerate your career or pivot to a new one.

The concentrations offered as part of the Online MBA program are:


Learn about the full spectrum of finance from venture capital to corporate finance.

Financial Analytics:

Discover the data science behind finance while becoming familiar with analytic and data visualization software.

Financial Engineering: 

Hone your decision-making skills by mastering tools that mitigate risk and guide your investments.

Information Systems: 

The IT world is constantly evolving. Learn how to leverage innovation to create a world-class IT experience for your company and customers.

Network & Communication Management & Services: 

The exchange of information is the foundation of business. Learn what it takes to be a leader in this critical role.

Project Management: 

Direction is key to a thriving team. Develop and sharpen your leadership skills to give your employees direction that leads them to project and personal success.

Sustainability Management: 

Take actions today that lead to a better tomorrow. Learn about the ways to implement management processes  that are as sustainable as they help your bottom line.

Business Intelligence & Analytics: 

Transform your organization by developing analytical and decision making skills that impact everything from employees to products.

The skills learned by our online graduates during an MBA program unlock potential in careers both expected and unexpected. These are just a few examples, among thousands, for which an MBA may create opportunity.

Financial Manager:

Cash is king. Poorly managed finances can lead to a company closing their doors permanently. The skills an MBA develops can mean the difference between a company that is simply surviving and one that is thriving.

Learning analytical and quantitative tools to solve complex problems makes online MBA graduates specializing in finance an invaluable asset. Understanding and mastering these programs allows for decision making to be done faster, more confidently and with less risk.

IT Manager:

Over the last few decades, IT has transformed from a support role to a critical leadership position. Without access to data and servers, operations come to a halt. When the expectation is that business never stops, the IT Manager can be one of the most crucial roles in a company.

Pursuing an MBA trains students on the analytical and mathematical side of things. However, with the increased demands placed on this role, complementing technology proficiency with leadership skills allow you to better manage resources, inspire teams and foster growth.

Management Consultant:

Oftentimes when we’re too close to a problem we stop seeing it. That’s the beauty of using a management consultant as a resource. These trained and astute individuals bring a much needed change in perspective to help companies realize their potential.

Marketing, strategic and operations management skills are central to every business unit in every industry. An online MBA gives graduates who work as Management Consultants a whole new set of tools to identify and correct issues that are impeding a company’s success.

Medical and Health Services Manager:

With regulations to be mindful of, budgets to balance, teams to manage and quality standards to meet, Medical and Health Services Managers are a driving force in modern healthcare. This is no hyperbole, this position can be the difference between life and death.

An MBA emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations to help you develop your creativity and critical thinking skills. When seconds matter, a good leader that can direct their team and make informed decisions quickly is a much needed asset.

Operations Research Management:

We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s where an Operations Research Analyst comes in. By evaluating businesses, they can identify problems and develop project plans which offer solutions—even for problems companies didn’t even realize they had.

Knowing how to spot issues and formulate plans to fix them is not an innate skill. Completing a master’s program provides online MBA graduates with an opportunity to acquire valuable skills in learning the language of business and data analytics, which can be leveraged to improve decision making.

Personal Financial Manager:

Managing wealth and retirement plans is complex. So much so, most people aren’t able to understand how to do it themselves. This means Personal Financial Advisors play a truly critical role in helping shape people’s lives today and tomorrow.

With the real life experience gained from an MBA program, a Personal Financial Manager can innovate and evolve their decision making skills. When it comes to money and wealth management, having risk-averse processes in place is a must-have.

When enrolling in an MBA program, it’s much more than receiving a diploma at the end. The coursework develops and nurtures skills every step of the way. Grads that are armed with a whole new set of tools have an advantage in the workplace—whether they’re looking to accelerate their career or pivot into a new one.
Stevens takes pride in the fact we prepare our graduates for life beyond the classroom. We’ve structured the Online MBA degree program to benefit all careers by developing critical skills in our graduates. The fact that speaks to this louder than the awards we have won is that 100% of MBA graduates in the Class of 2022 accepted job offers within three months of graduating.* And we’re just as proud of the successful leaders our students become once they’ve finished their higher education journey.