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TM 501 Principles of Applied Telecommunications Technology (3)

August 25, 2022

This comprehensive course provides an introduction to voice and data networking. The course begins with an overview of sample wide-area and local-area network architectures and provides an introductory discussion on the role and importance of the TCP/IP protocol architecture. The relationship between bandwidth, passband, signaling rate, and data rate is then presented and examined. Different signaling techniques are compared, the operations of selected analog and digital modulation techniques are examined, and PCM and related techniques to digitally encode analog information are studied. We describe the operation of cyclic redundancy codes in error detection and discuss the importance of channel coding rate and coding gain in system operation. The function and service of data link protocols in network architecture is examined. Both frequency and time division multiplexing are described and their operation is compared. The course concludes with an examination of mobile wireless networks. Knowledge of fundamental algebraic problem solving is a must.