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TM 615 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (3)

August 25, 2022

This course provides a broad and comprehensive perspective of mobile wireless networks. Topics covered include fundamentals of mobile wireless networking, radio architecture, the multiple access techniques of TDMA, CDMA (with examples provided from UMTS and cdma2000), and OFDMA. The principle 4G standard, LTE, is also studied. The LTE access and core networks are examined and the important functional network elements are identified and distinguished. Key enabling technologies for 5G wireless networks are also identified and discussed. Emphasis is given to the role of software defined networks and network function virtualization in 5G (and 4G) networks. To assist in this discussion, an introduction to both SDN and NFV is provided. 5G mobile wireless networks are introduced and the architecture and challenges of emerging 5G networks are examined. The impact of the Cloud (or Centralized) RAN (C-RAN) in 4G and 5G networks is also studied.