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TM 630 Broadband Networking Services and Technology (3)

August 25, 2022

This course provides a broad and comprehensive study of the technologies enabling broadband services and networking. High-speed network access technologies, core-network architectures, and the broadband service environment are the focus of this course. The broadband access technologies of DSL, cable modem service, optical fiber-based access, and the high-speed wireless technology of LTE and 5G are examined and differentiated. The core-network technologies of MPLS, RSVP and DiffServe, as well as the services-converging IP Multimedia Sub-system (IMS), are discussed and studied as enabling technologies for broadband services. An overview is provided of key broadband services: VoIP, IPTV and streaming video. The course concludes with a discussion of the opportunities and threats posed to service providers and the communications industry by the emerging disruptive technologies of broadband networking. Foundational: TM 610