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With the explosion of data in recent years, data science has become one of the most important and rewarding fields in tech. However, analyzing and interpreting data is only possible with the right tools and techniques. Our Data Science Discoveries section provides essential resources for anyone interested in exploring this expanding industry.

On this page, you will find a wealth of insights and techniques for revealing actionable patterns in the vast amounts of data that businesses generate daily. Our articles cover everything from the latest data analytics tools and techniques to real-world case studies and success stories. Whether you’re interested in data visualization, machine learning or statistical analysis, our Data Science Discoveries resources provide the information you need.

data science occupations
September 12, 2023
Data is the future and it’s data science that’s going to get us there. Those who know how to get the most out of data hold the proverbial keys to the kingdom. One of the sure-fire ways to be the one holding those keys is pursuing your data science occupations online degree. This is an […]
data science trends
August 1, 2023
If it can be measured, it can be recorded, tracked, logged, sorted, analyzed, fed into machine learning and more. In today’s world, more data is tracked than we can possibly imagine. The good news is, we’ve reached the point we can translate all that information into meaningful insights. By understanding the emerging data science future […]
data science master's degree
August 1, 2023
It’s often said data is the new oil. It can be an incredible boon to any company—as long as they are able to interpret it in a way that is useful. That’s where a master’s degree in data science comes into play. Data scientists know how to weave numbers into insights that allow key members […]
Data Science Resume: A pair of hands touches a phone and papers with data displayed in different charts and graphs.
March 31, 2023
The idea that people can glean a lot from data is nothing new. After all, we learn from experience and the missteps and successes of others. What is relatively new is our access to massive quantities of data — we now quantify, log, store and analyze those experiences, missteps and successes, as well as information […]
data science
April 25, 2022
The 2.5 quintillion bytes of data people generate every day are a valuable source of valuable insights. Organizations are investing accordingly, and IDC predicts the data science market will be worth $274 billion by the end of 2022. However, the buzz surrounding data science, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics has prompted some employment analysts and technologists to suggest […]
Professional photo of Kirill Prokrym : c-suite-executives
December 8, 2021
C-Suite Executives: Once, all roads led to Rome. These days, it seems they all lead to careers in data science. The big data deluge of the twenty-first century has created opportunities for strategic data analysis in every digitized field — which, in this digital era, means practically every profession. That’s why data science programs attract […]
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November 18, 2021
If you are already an experienced mid-career professional in advanced analytics, data science or a related role, you may not feel strongly driven to pursue graduate education. While 90 percent of data scientists have advanced degrees, there is still a global shortage of Big Data talent. Coupled with growing demand for data scientists, that talent shortage has […]
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June 29, 2021
Conventional wisdom states that success is a matter of who you know, not what you know. In data science, success hinges on both. Ninety percent of data scientists have advanced degrees — suggesting a discipline with high respect for formal education — but a Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) isn’t enough to launch a career. Relationships drive […]
Big Data Jobs : Digital generated image of a brain with glowing blue edges, surrounded by different geometric shapes against a gray background
June 25, 2021
Many people pursue careers in data science after reading articles proclaiming that salaries in the field are sky high and that the job market is red hot. Both assertions are true, but what provocative headlines fail to mention is that there’s nothing easy about becoming a data scientist. Successful data scientists are well paid and […]
remote computer jobs : A woman writes code at a desk in an open office
June 17, 2021
When Covid-19 shuttered offices and turned other white-collar workers into remote employees, many data scientists were already working as part of distributed teams. Notable companies such as payment processing platform Stripe, IBM, Bank of America and the Google subsidiary Kaggle employed remote data scientists years before the pandemic. Companies across sectors may be welcoming employees […]