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Making the Leap: How STEM Professionals Can Transition into Data Science Careers

June 20, 2024

If you’re a STEM professional intrigued by the current data science boom, a graduate degree in data science can make a lot of sense. Whether you want to change industries, add to your skill set or increase your salary, data science expertise can help you dig deeper into data-driven analytics and uncover a new career path.

As a science, technology, engineering or mathematics professional, you already possess many valuable skills required to succeed in the growing field of data science. By evaluating your existing strengths and developing an academic plan to fill in any gaps in knowledge, you can be on your way to a new, in-demand career. You can fill those gaps with a StevensOnline Master of Science in Data Science.

Data Science Careers for STEM Professionals

STEM knowledge transitions well into data careers regardless of your industry or educational background. There are many reasons to consider pivoting to a data science profession:

Whether you are just starting your career or looking to apply your work experience to a data-focused role, you can move into a data science position and take advantage of its opportunities. STEM skills translate across industries, so you are not restricted to a particular field when considering data science opportunities. 

Biotechnology Professionals 

The volume of biotechnology data is exploding. For biotech professionals looking to dig deep into that information trove to uncover solutions to complex problems, data science could be a successful career move. 

Data scientists in the biotechnology field investigate data sets to drive discoveries in drug development, personalized medicine and epidemiology. Their solutions are accelerating advancements and propelling innovation in healthcare and biotechnology.

Cybersecurity Professionals

The data revolution has precipitated a sharp increase in cyberattacks. Cybersecurity professionals are looking to data scientists to help protect mountains of personal and sensitive information. Whether you have a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity or professional experience in the field, your passion for data security might inspire you to take your expertise in a new direction.

Using machine learning, behavioral analytics and predictive modeling, data science professionals can quickly monitor for changes in usage patterns, detect malware and assess security threats. Their efforts help to identify issues quickly and mitigate their impact on the company.

Healthcare Professionals 

Healthcare data is growing faster than any other type of data. It currently constitutes 30% of all the data in the world and could rise to 36% by 2025. The healthcare industry needs data scientists to help process a mountain of information to inform data-driven decisions. If you are a current healthcare employee — whether you work in an administrative section or a medical department — you can leverage your current healthcare knowledge to launch a career in data analysis. 

Data scientists have already made a profound impact on the healthcare field. Digital records, virtual appointments and improved patient involvement through technology have greatly improved patient care, lowered costs and reduced errors. There are more solutions to uncover in the data that can further advance the health and wellness of all patients.

Marketing Analysts and MarTech Professionals 

Data fluency has grown increasingly important in marketing, as companies drive harder to develop more targeted and personalized connections to their audiences. From data-driven market research to data visualization to predictive analytics of future behavior, data science helps marketing professionals better understand where their customers are today and where they will be in the future.

Other STEM Professionals 

Practically every research or investigative process that involves data needs data scientists to help organize and analyze information. Your STEM skills — including research abilities, analytics, technical proficiencies, and experience — can well serve your data science career in any field.

Getting Started in Your Data Science Career

A data science career represents a natural next step for someone with a STEM background and an interest in big data. To make the move to data science, you’ll want to build on your existing knowledge, learn new skills, and explore the latest innovations in the field. 

Inventory Your Assets and Interests

What aspects of your current position can help you transition into a data scientist role? Consider your strengths and interests and how they align with data science. 

For example, a business analyst with tools like UML, BPMN and Jira can build on that base by learning more technical skills like statistics and machine learning to enhance analysis. An existing product manager familiar with Agile, Scrum and A/B testing can add to that foundation with data analysis and machine learning to improve product decisions and outcomes.

Current skills and experience can guide you in identifying the appropriate data science role for your goals. 

Gain In-Demand Skills in a Graduate Program

The proliferation of data has created new opportunities for data scientists to help manage and distill the flood of information. Many roles require a graduate degree; 76.7% of current data scientists hold a master’s or doctoral degree. An online master’s degree in data science (MSDS) from Stevens Institute of Technology can help you get career-ready in two years or less. 

Stevens understands online learning. Stevens Institute of Technology’s online learning and career-building platform has won the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning seven times. The multidisciplinary faculty boasts experience in planning, public policy, finance and healthcare. Students can access a global network of more than 50,000 alumni and success coaches to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

An MSDS lays the foundation of theoretical knowledge and lifelong learning skills that enable graduates to respond to accelerated technological changes. They are qualified experts in analyzing and interpreting large datasets, gleaning actionable insights and supporting informed decision-making.

Network With Other Professionals

In addition to relevant and up-to-date industry insights, an online master’s degree in data science provides degree recipients with valuable connections that can help grow their personal and professional network. 

The faculty are industry experts, redefining how data is used to drive impact. A student-to-faculty ratio of 25:1 facilitates opportunities to develop relationships with Schaefer School of Engineering & Science faculty and staff.

Online learning provides a unique opportunity to study alongside a diverse cohort of peers from around the country (or the globe). Fellow students with different perspectives and experiences provide vibrant input to help round out an innovative hands-on education. 

Stevens MSDS alumni have gone on to work at organizations like Amazon, Disney Streaming Services, Bank of America, CityBlock Health, and Two Sigma Investments. With a network of over 50,000 alumni, Stevens offers opportunities to build your professional network through alumni events.

Why Stevens for Your Online Master’s in Data Science? 

As you weigh the value of a master’s in data science degree in advancing your career goals, consider the many reasons a Stevens MSDS is an excellent choice.

  • Award-winning online learning platform
  • 100% online curriculum influenced by the corporations and tech startups of New York City, a hub of innovation and impact
  • Ranked no. 10 best online master’s in data science program in the country
  • 100% graduate employment three months after graduation
  • Faculty experts, including National Science Foundation CAREER winners 

Applying to the Online Master’s in Data Science at Stevens

Are you ready to take the leap and launch your data science career? STEM professionals are well suited to make the career move and meet the rising demand for data scientists. With your professional experience, your drive to innovate through data, and a master’s degree in data science from Stevens Institute of Technology, you can land the job of your dreams.

Ready to take the leap? Jump in and request information or begin your application today.