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With an Online MBA, Jobs Become More Accessible

September 24, 2023

What jobs can you get after completing an online MBA? It’s a question that’s much more nuanced than generating a long list of careers. The skills and lessons honed by a postgraduate program can be universally applied across fields and specialties. Understanding these benefits is important when deciding if an online MBA is right for you and will help in securing your dream job.

Building a strong skill set for lucrative jobs with an online or in-person MBA 

Earning an advanced degree is an investment of money, time and energy. Understanding your professional goals is ultimately the best way to determine if an MBA aligns with your ambitions. On top of that, it’s important to evaluate whether online or in-person is the best fit for you.

Both types of MBA programs focus on business acumen, leadership training, career advancement and entrepreneurship. If these pillars don’t support your trajectory, other master’s degrees, such as computer science or data science, may be a better fit.. For those who do see an MBA in their future, the courses at Stevens Institute of Technology are designed to give you experience in business leadership and people management.

With regard to business management, the online or in-person MBA program works to familiarize you with the responsibilities of jobs with more senior roles. The time to learn the ins and outs of these types of positions is before stepping into the role. Our coursework gives you that exposure.

Business requires a great deal of knowledge across many subjects. Economics helps understand how to best read industry conditions. Marketing gives you an edge on how to maximize exposure. 

Financial management and accounting delve into the fiscal processes that define success. Business analytics, including data and models, give you the tools to be risk-averse in the decisions you make.

For people management, it’s critical to understand the ways to best utilize your human capital. There is an art to maximizing employee performance while still meeting deadlines. MBA students build an effective skill set founded upon industry best practices.

The online/ in-person MBA coursework creates a foundation to enable you to be effective in your job as a manager. Leadership development explores the best way to be the head of a team. Operations management gives insight into how organizations work. Managerial judgment provides context into the effects of your decisions.

Evaluating online MBA programs for the job you want

In today’s world, developing these two business tenets is more accessible than ever. In-person and online options expand the opportunities available for earning an MBA degree. Online learning has evolved considerably, especially in the last few years, changing the landscape for prospective students.

Long before COVID-19, Stevens was already investing heavily in developing the infrastructure and learning processes for remote learning. Now that most companies continue to operate in a hybrid role, online and in-person MBA programs are seen as equals while upskilling for jobs with more senior roles. Being at the forefront of this educational transformation positions Stevens as an industry leader.

The pandemic ignited a long-term seismic shift in how the world operates. Online education is no longer a mystery, but something that has become fully embraced. As the processes have been refined, we’ve been able to give online education parity with in-person instruction.

Through the improvements we made, all online students at Stevens have access to faculty and digital resources just the same as students on campus. This includes the Stevens library, online events and career development resources. You don’t just get a master’s degree, you also get all the benefits that come with being a Stevens student.

There’s also a reason online learning has taken off in popularity. One of the biggest benefits is the fact it is flexible to fit within your schedule. Asynchronous classes can be completed at your pace. Synchronous classes don’t require travel to or from campus, giving you back time that was once required for in-person learning.

Along these lines, enrollment no longer requires being proximal to campus. Regardless of where you live, you have access to New Jersey’s number-one ranked online MBA program since 2015 (U.S. News & World Report, 2022). Being accessible to students across the country has the added benefit of expanding your network on a national scale.

And just as the online component of the program gives students flexibility, the degree itself offers the same benefit. MBA graduates have the ability to enter just about any field as the skills learned are broadly applicable. Stevens has designed their program to be empowering without being confining.

Diverse job opportunities with Stevens Online MBA 

Traditional corporate roles are probably the go-to MBA careers people think of. Management positions, chief financial officers, consultants, sales managers, project management—these are all common pursuits. Healthcare is another popular field, with the degree developing skills needed to navigate financial, operational and strategic decisions.

Technology and innovation sectors also have many jobs for online MBA graduates. The master’s degree helps in identifying how to disrupt markets and develops entrepreneurial skills. 

Nonprofit and social services benefit from an advanced degree as well. Graduates learn how to increase impact while working with scarce resources. One last area is government and public policy where understanding leadership, finance and processes is critical.

Within these fields, there are also careers that span sectors. Our online MBA has the advantage of opening doors to job positions applicable across many industries. This truly allows people to pursue roles and fields that align with their passions.

Marketing managers use their understanding of market trends to strategically promote and posture the product. Human resource directors manage staff, employees, training and recruitment while also following laws and regulations. Investment bankers raise capital, invest in companies, handle mergers and more. 

Real estate managers understand how to invest, manage teams, follow market trends and more. Supply chain managers have to handle a complex system of procurement, inventory, distribution and company logistics.

If there happens to be a focus that you wish to pursue for your dream job, Stevens online MBA offers concentrations for the program. We have courses that give proficiency in project management, sustainability management, finance, financial analytics, financial engineering, information systems, network and communication management and services, and business intelligence and analytics. These allow you to further cater your educational experience to fit the role and industry you’d like to work in.


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Unlocking potential and securing lucrative jobs with online MBA

When looking to your future, an online MBA unlocks great potential and job opportunities. This advanced degree is applicable across almost every industry and a wide spectrum of roles. Earning one gives you experience in leadership and management skills that are critical in pursuit of your next professional step.

Best of all, being online works to your advantage while being just as powerful as in-person programs. So if you have a business goal, we want to help you attain it.